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Alshor Plus

Alshor Plus

Alshor Plus is a highly versatile, lightweight and easy to use shoring system. Designed for Slab construction, the Alshor Plus systems provides a strong and stable base to work, ensuring a safe environment for your team.

This innovated formwork system is highly adaptable, offering a wide array of accessories and components to suit any project needs including a range of leg heights and 1250mm of jack extensions, while the high strength aluminium legs make the system versatile enough for virtually all propping heights.
The modular system is easy to assemble, while the aluminium composition means it can be safely moved around without the need for heavy machinery, reducing construction time and cost.

1.25 m
1.5 m
2.0 m
2.5 m
3.0 m
4.0 m
Long Jack
0.2 m - 1.25 m
Short Jack
0.12 m - 7.5 m

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