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Ringer Steel-Master


Ringer Master Steel is high strength formwork system. The system is designed for use in construction of walls, columns and other vertical structures. Made up a series of interchangeable high quality re-enforced steel panels, cross compatible with the Doka framax system.

The Ringer Steel Master system is designed to withstand repeated use and high pressures stress associated with pouring concrete, the cast corners and enforced panels increase the products lifespan and reduce downtime. The system connects using a strong and reliable locking system, ensuing the safety of those working around the system.

This innovated formwork system is highly adaptable, offering a wide array of accessories and components to suit any project needs and ensure the safety of your team. The Steel modular panel system is easy to assemble reducing construction time and lowering costs, while the systems convenient handles provide practicality and moveability.

1350 mm
2700 mm
3300 mm
300 mm
450 mm
600 mm
900 mm
1350 mm

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