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T225 Beam (Primary Beam)

T225 Beam (Primary Beam)

The T225 is high strength Aluminium primary beam designed to provide excellent support and stability, stronger than the Aluma 165 secondary beam, this primary beam will take the weight of the Slab ensure a smooth concrete finish.

The T225 Primary beam is a lightweight and durable alternative to wooden beams. it’s aluminium composition mean it can be easily handled and transported, while also withstanding repeated heavy use.

The T225 primary beam can be used interchangeable with all formwork systems and the Aluma 165 secondary beam to ensure it meets all your project requirements.

1.8 m
2.4 m
2.7 m
3.0 m
3.6 m
4.2 m
4.8 m
5.0 m
5.4 m
6.0 m
6.4 m
7.2 m

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