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Topec is an aluminium modular formwork system, designed for the construction of slab formwork without the need for beams, only two components are needed – a panel and props.

The lightweight aluminium system allows for quick and safe assembly with the Quick Strike feature, reducing construction time. The innovative bearing systems ensures a stable and safe environment to work on.

The high strength system is built to last; made from high quality aluminium, the system can withstand repeated use and the high stress associated with pouring the concrete, while the innovative props provide a level surface for pouring.

This innovated formwork system is highly adaptable, offering a wide array of accessories and components to suit any project needs. The modular Topec system allows you to easily infill small areas quicky with the adjustment panels without compromising the safety of those working above.

1.8 m
0.9 m
1.8 m
0.9 m
0.7 m
0.6 m
0.4 m
Adjustment Panels
1.8 m
0.9 m
Props Height
3.5 m
5.5 m